Grupo Riken de Aqui pa allá




Grupo Riken has been performing in the Tucson area since 2009. They specialize in folkloric music from the Caribbean and Latin-America. Genres like the Cuban bolero, Puerto Rican jibaro music and plena, Latin jazz, salsa, and bossa nova. The group unique sounds come from folk instruments like the Puerto Rican cuatro, guitar, Peruvian Cajon, Afro-Caribbean percussion bongos and congas, accompanied by the guitar. The name Riken is a derivation from the name given by the indigenous Tainos in Puerto Rico, which called the island Boriken. Grupo Riken has participated in local music festivals such as the Tucson Meet Yourself, and has participated in Tohono Chul’s Sunday in the Garden concert series since 2015. They released their first CD title De aqui pa’ allá in 2016.


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